Abstract & Presenter Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Abstracts can be submitted through this link. You may submit only one abstract as first author. Abstracts are limited to 300 words. This does not include title, authors, and affiliations. Additional space is provided for funding acknowledgments and for declaration of commercial interests and conflicts. Your abstract should consist of an introduction, methods and results sections, and a conclusion. It is not required that the sections be explicitly labeled as such. It is, however, important that each abstract contains sufficiently detailed descriptions of the methods and the results. Please do not submit an abstract of work that you are planning to do. Abstracts of preliminary results are however encouraged.

Presentation Preferences:

  1. Talk Preferred– If you are not chosen to give a talk, you will be chosen to give a poster.
  2. Poster Preferred– You would be willing to give a talk if asked.
  3. Poster Only– You are not willing to give a talk.
  The scientific committee evaluates all submitted abstracts and those with the strongest evaluation and adequacy will be selected as talks by the organizing committee. The authors will be informed about the outcome of the reviewing process early October 2021. All correspondence, including notification of abstract acceptance and details for poster and talk presentations, will be sent to the “corresponding author” (submitting author) via email. The corresponding author shall be responsible for informing all contributing authors of any related correspondence.  

Submission Schedule

  • Submissions Open: Now
  • Submissions Close: September 25 2021
  • Notification of Accepted Abstracts: October 1 2021