EOS Satellite and Past events



*** EOS Satellite symposium

The journey of a memory: dynamics of learning and consolidation in maturation and ageing

Excellence of Science (EOS) MEMODYN consortium : what is it and what have we learned ?
Wednesday 22/11/2023 13:00-18:00: click here for details and program

*** Past NeuroCog conferences

NeuroCog 2021 : Brain (re)organization (November 23th & 24th, UCLouvain)
NeuroCog 2016 : How methods shape the mind of cognitive neuroscientists (November 28th & 29th, KU Leuven) Program (pdf)
NeuroCog 2012 : Consciousness and cognitive control (December 3rd & 4th, VUB)
NeuroCog 2008 : Neuroscience & Cognitive Control (December, UGhent)
NeuroCog 2004 : seminal NeuroCog meeting (UGhent)

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